Training academy

Computer Skills

Introduction to PC’s R1,395.00 
Introduction to Windows R1,395.00 
Typing Skills  R1,395.00 
Internet/ E-mail R1,395.00 
Computer Literacy R4,095.00 
Excel Courses
Level 1- Basic R2,845.00 
Leavel 2- IntermediateR2,845.00 
Level 3- Data Management R4,995.00 
Level 4- Advanced Formulas and Functions R4,995.00 
Level 5 – Pivot Tables & DashboardR4,995.00 
Level 6- Business Data AnalysisR2,450.00 
Excel Data Visualization R1,945.00 
Excel Master Class R8,900.00 
Power BI R4,995.00 
Visual Basic for Applications R5,885.00 
Word Courses
Level 1- Basic R2,845.00 
Level 2- IntermediateR2,845.00 
Level 3- AdvancedR4,195.00 
Word Refresher R1,945.00 


Power Point
Level 1- Basic R1,395.00 
Level 2- IntermediateR2,845.00 
Level 3- AdvancedR4,195.00 
PowerPoint RefresherR1,945.00 
Level 1- Basic R3,495.00 
Level 2- IntermediateR4,995.00 
Level 3- AdvancedR5,295.00 
Email Management & Etiquette R4,600.00 
Level 1- FundamentalsR4,995.00 
Level 2- IntermediateR4,995.00 
Level 3- AdvancedR5,295.00 


Business Communication
Business Writing Skills R4,800.00 
Presentation Skills R3,895.00 
Business Communication Skills R9,700.00 
Business and Telephone EtiquetteR4,800.00 
Report Writing R4,800.00 
Minute taking and MeetingsR4,800.00 
Assertiveness SkillsR2,300.00 
Corporate Life Skills
Problem solving & Decision MakingR4,800.00 
Conflict Resolution R4,500.00 
Diversity in the Workplace R4,500.00 
Situational Leadership WorkshopR4,800.00 
Leadership & Supervisory Skills R9,700.00 
Team Building and Management R4,800.00 
Coaching and MentoringR4,500.00 
Time and Stress ManagementR4,800.00 
EQ in the WorkplaceR4,500.00 
Business Program
Project Management for SuccessR7,500.00 
Professionalism in the WorkplaceR4,800.00 
Sales SkillR4,500.00 
Customer Service EssentialsR2,495.00 
Finance for Non-Financial Managers R4,600.00 
Facilitator Workshop (Train the Trainer)R9,700.00 
Assessor WorkshopR9,700.00 
Moderator Workshop R9,700.00 

Health and Safety

First Aid level 12 daysR750.00 
First Aid level 22 daysR950.00 
First Aid level 34 daysR1,600.00 
Safety Rep1 dayR700.00 
Fire Fighting1 dayR700.00 
HIRA1 dayR1,850.00 
Working from heights1 dayR800.00 
Emergency Evacuation1 dayR900.00 
Safety officer(full qualification)3 weeksR13,000.00 
Health And Safety
Confined Spaces1 dayR850.00 
Scaffold Erector1 dayR800.00 
Scaffold Inspector1 dayR900.00 
HIV/AIDS Awareness1 dayR400.00 
Advanced SHE rep3 daysR2,200.00 
On site Medicals R450.00 
Accident and Incident Investigator1 dayR850.00 
Legal Liability1 dayR900.00