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Technito is a value adding ICT and IT service provider, serving the needs of our diverse customer base by providing balanced IT solutions and support – while remaining focused on a high level of user orientated design, business continuity, quality and a results driven work process. Technito provides your business with quality service and solutions

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Why Technito


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"Let us swipe right or left for you, for lasting digital connections that matters!"

Why Technito

Because at Technito we understand that a sustainable business, whether big or small, demands reliable tools and systems to stay connected to a market that evolves as rapidly as its needs do.

We also understand that these same tools and systems can be leveraged and optimised to maintain mutually beneficial employee, supplier and client relationships.

Since opening its doors, Technito has served as tech matchmaker, customising IT solutions and software-as-a-service, to meet our clients’ unique business and communications needs.